We are not for profit group based in Manchester, UK. We started back in 2010 where I managed to convince a few Muslim friends of mine to work together to build better community cohesion. The first few years were really challenging as none of us had expertise in doing so. Furthermore after 9/11 and then 7/7, anti-Muslim sentiments or what is known as Islamophobia was at its peak! However after just a couple of years, we grew very quickly. We were joined by leaders of churches, synagogues and even atheists who all shared the same goal i.e. to bring the community together irrespective of their religious affiliations. So a group that had only 4 members at the time of its creation now has more than 1000 members today!

We hold all sort of inter-community events at mosques, churches, synagogues or council community centres. We have held more than 350 events so far and the attendance at each event has been spectacular. Some events are simply socials and meetups over lunch but some can be quite extensive like our last event on why all religions must be taught in British Schools for a more integrated and fair society.

We are not very digital as in this website will get not updated very frequently. However one of us will try and keep publishing about our major topics over here. Also if you have any comments, questions about what we do or would like to attend any of our events or simply would like to donate to this generous cause, please get in touch via our contact us page. We would love to hear from you!

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